BioPhot Analyzer - the program

For the different observation methods (SEM, TEM, etc), there are different measurements that can be made, because the different observation methods offer different opportunities. Statistical evaluation is used to extract the relevant data. On this image you can see the PepperPot statistic in action, where the blue spots are the holes on the structure, and the red lines show witch spots are considered being neighbors. There are other statistics as well for calculating data on the cross ribs or the ridges, etc. on a SEM sample.

More sophisticated statistics are also available, like SpotCumulator, witch cumulates all the holes and their closest neighbors from a SEM sample and stacks them on top of each other. This might help to find regular schemes on the placement of the spots. We intend to implement the Fourier transformation in our program as well.

The measures calculated using these statistics are saved and stored in the database, and can be used to either later check for values or to compare with other values extracted from other samples.

For precision work the program uses edge detecting technology as well. Here you can see the Difference of Gaussians in action.